LT: Demarley Vs Justyn (Exhibition Match)

+++++ Demarley vs Justyn +++++

Hi everyone!

Usually when there are an uneven number of students we usually have an exhibition match. This is one of those times.

Demarley goes up against the instructor with a powerful serve that makes you think.

It was one of the quickest matches this season, so enjoy and drop some comments.

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LT: Jo Jo Vs J’air

+++++ Jo Jo vs J’air +++++

It all started so friendly with a cool serve from Jo Jo.

Folks, Zero to Savage is all that can be used to describe the next few volleys.

Enjoy the quirkiness and the cat scratches. Drop some comments if you can.

Layer Tennis Y’all!

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LT: Taryl Vs Jamoy

+++++ Taryl vs Jamoy +++++

Good day to you sirs and madams!

Honestly the first few volleys of this match I felt that I should have worn a white polo shirt, khaki shorts and a racket slung over my shoulder. A very clean back and forth as Taryl serves.

Be sure to comment. To quote Lorde, “Let’s go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah.”

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LT: Claire Vs Trudy (First Match of 2017-2018 Season)

+++++ Claire vs Trudy +++++

Hey Sports fans, its been a  long time coming! We haven’t seen many Layer Tennis matches for a while. But that is to come to an abrupt end.
We have Claire and Trudy, who started the first match, ending the dry spell.
They step out first time onto the stage and go at each other, no holds barred.

Claire serves. Hope you enjoy and be sure to leave comments.

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INSPIRATION – “Love” by Barry

Hi all!

In an ongoing effort to give you guys some inspiration for future creations we are showcasing what some students work on in their off time. We are featuring Barrymore (Barry) Charles and a mini Q&A

AC: How long did it take you?
Barry: This drawing took me at most two hours to do

AC: What design tools did you use?
Barry: The programs I used was Procreate and Photoshop

AC: What was your inspiration?
Barry: My inspiration for this illustration was true love….. I’ve been battling a war that was going on in my mind and my heart and I decided to illustrate what I think true love should look like.

You can find more from Barrymore Charles on his Deviant Art page.

2016 Aspiring Photographers

The students just completed their photography course and they have some amazing shots to show for it.

Currently, only a few of the best shots will be shown, but there will be a perma-link will be placed to their portfolio pages.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I present to you thousands of words.

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