Market Photography 2013 & 2014

Every year the Digital Photography class at ABIIT has at some point been encouraged to go out and do community shots as a group. For several years running they have done street photography in around the Public Market of downtown St. John’s, Antigua.

What you will see is shots submitted by students from 2013 and 2014. Enjoy.

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ABIIT Zip Line Tours

ABIIT Zip Line Tours

On Friday 12th April 2013, a number of staff members and a few students journeyed to the Antigua Rainforest Zip Line Tours for the first social event planned by the institution. Though the numbers were few, those in attendance would testify that the time spent together was exciting and memorable.

Thank you to all those persons who came and we look forward to the next event and hope that more staff members and students would participate.

Hands-Only CPR with Vinnie Jones

Situations will arise when someone takes in with cardiac arrest.  Most people will stand around because they either expect that someone will shout “Stand back! I’m a doctor!” or will not try anything because they are not trained in CPR.  The fact is that they are not confident that they would be able to perform CPR properly.

The British Heart foundation created a video with Vinnie Jones to instruct people on how to do hands-only CPR. It is so easy even you could do  it! Save a life!

Note in Antigua and Barbuda our emergency number is still 911.

Baskets 4 Sure – Identity Design Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kianna Simmions for the winning entry!

Its a long time coming but here are the submissions for the Baskets 4 Sure Identity Design Contest.  The winning entry was chosen by the owner of Baskets 4 Sure. Continue on to see the complete winning entry.

Also included are the submissions sent in by the other participants (they are not listed in any particular order of priority)

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